Benefits for Automotive professionals in Norway

Benefits for Automotive professionals in Norway

Ever wonder what you can expect on arrival to Norway and what we as your new employer offer in terms of benefits?

WiiSDA has a deep understanding of what it means to move to a foreign country. To start a new life and work away from home. Everything is new. Everything is foreign. It might sound scarry, but think it can rather mean new and exciting, full of new possibilities, new places, people and friends. We are here to make sure you get the assistance you require, we are here to help and take this path with you. We are here to show you our support and greet you the best way. What are the benefits for Automotive professionals in Norway?


We understand how difficult it can be for anyone to find a new flat in Norway, especially if one has to do it without assistance and help.  WiiSDA is therefore stepping up and assisting in in best possible way:

  • WiiSDA finds a proper accommodation for you – we keep you involved in the process, discuss the possibilities and availability of various options on the market
  • We will cover the deposit (usually 3 month’s rent)
  • WiiSDA outlays the first month rent upfront (you as our employee will pay for the flat from first salary with a month delay; no need to bring your savings to cover the rent upfront)
  • WiiSDA furnishes the flat with basic necessities – many flats for rent in Norway are unfurnished. We understand that moving in to a furnished flat, with all the basic necessities, to start a new life here, is of huge importance. We make sure you have a bed, a sofa, kitchen appliances, washing machine, closet, kitchen table and chairs and all the small kitchen appliances necessary to prepare a meal. You can bring your favorite coffee mug with you though???? everything else you need will be waiting for you.
accomodation Norway

Basic necessities that make your life easier

We think of you as the most welcome guest, a new member of our WiiSDA family. We want you to feel secure, welcome and stress-free. Small things make a difference. This is why WiiSDA makes sure that the following things are in place on your arrival:

  • Personal pick-up at the airport on arrival
  • Accompany you to the flat
  • Accompany you to the service for a short introduction and tour
  • Basic groceries in your fridge
  • Monthly bus card if needed
  • Phone card starter with first month charge
  • Organizing all paperwork necessary for registration process with the police, tax office and post office

Learning the language is important. It is as important for each employee as for the workplace one will thrive in. We encourage everyone to learn and we wish to give our employees the opportunity to study Norwegian. Therefore, we organize and pay for the first Norwegian language course. We also guide you and advice you regarding free materials, courses and apps available online for everyone. We support you in the learning process and cheer you on together with the workplace.

Attending a Norwegian course will not only give you the opportunity to build a solid understanding of the language but will also allow you to meet other students, who like you moved to Norway, live here and wish to become a part of the community.

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